The Ultimate Guide to managing cancer risk

Transform Cancer Management in Your Company with OHH

Discover how our technology can support prevention, management, and occupational reintegration to the company.

Discover in our ebook how to:

  • Prevent and Educate: Provides educational resources and preventive tools to help reduce cancer risk.
  • Support Employees During Treatment: Offers a support network and treatment management to help individuals and their families through the oncological process.
  • Work Reintegration: Facilitates the transition back to the work environment, aiding both employers and employees to find tailored solutions.

Trust by real people

«One of our employees was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, and the impact on our team was noticeable. However, by implementing the OHH app in our workplace, we have seen a significant improvement in our team’s well-being and morale. It has not only aided our affected employee but has also fostered an environment of understanding and support throughout the company. Moreover, we have noticed a decrease in costs associated with absences and reduced productivity. This app is undoubtedly a valuable investment for any business.»

Javier Rodríguez

CEO of Innovative Technologies S.L.

«My sister was diagnosed with lung cancer a year ago. At first, we felt lost and overwhelmed, but thanks to the OHH app, I was able to educate myself and find ways to support her. The app has not only helped her but has also given me perspective and tools to be a stronger pillar of support. I am convinced that this app has been fundamental in her recovery process.»

Alberto Garcia

Patient relative

«I’m 47 years old, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. Since I started using the OHH app, my life has significantly improved. It has provided me with essential tools and resources to understand and manage my illness. Furthermore, the guidance and support I’ve received have allowed me to maintain a high quality of life and get back to my daily routine. I am deeply grateful for this tool that has accompanied me during one of the toughest times of my life.»

María Álvarez


Accompanying Patients and Families in Their Fight Against Cancer

At OHH, we understand the challenges and emotions that arise after a cancer diagnosis. Our mission is to provide essential tools and resources for patients, family members, and employers, facilitating a path of understanding, support, and recovery.

cancer ohh

For companies

The impact of a cancer diagnosis can resonate throughout an organization. Companies like Innovative Technologies S.L. have implemented our app in their workplace, seeing a significant improvement in team well-being and morale. Additionally, our platform helps reduce costs associated with absences and decreased productivity, fostering an environment of understanding and support at work.


For Patients

Like María, many face uncertainty and fear after a diagnosis. Our app offers information, guidance, and support, allowing patients like her to maintain a high quality of life and get back to their daily routines. Through our platform, patients have access to resources that empower them in their fight against the disease.

For Family Members

The news of cancer not only affects the patient but also their closest surroundings. Alberto, for instance, found in our app the perspective and tools necessary to become a stronger support pillar for his sister. We provide family members the ability to educate themselves and find ways to support their loved ones during this challenging process.

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